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How we got started..

Clean Solar Panels Hawaii was founded in 2016 by Dorian Takahashi. Dorian decided to start the company when he couldn't find anyone in Hawaii to properly clean and maintain his own solar panels. With a background in solar sales and installation and marketing, he recognized the need in the market and decided to begin researching solar panel cleaning. 6 months of contacting different companies and doing research led to the proper technique and equipment of cleaning solar panels.

The company started with a small capital investment from Dorian’s parents, a used Ford F150 truck, and a lot of hardwork and door knocking. Within the first 6 months the company cleaned roughly 160 solar panels and in the second year they cleaned roughly 2000 solar panels. In 2020, we now have 3 vehicles, 8 employees, have cleaned over 100,000 solar panels, and have serviced on all the major Hawaiian islands. Services have also expanded from residential cleanings to include commercial cleanings and became the exclusive distributor and installation company for Diamond Fusion solar panel coating in the state of Hawaii.

Dorian Takahashiattributes a lot of his success to his background in marketing, focus on customer service, and attention to detail.

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