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5 Tips for Caring for your Solar Panels

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

With the recent heat, homeowners’ electricity usage is steadily increasing. Homeowners are realizing the need to clean and maintain their solar panel system. Cleaning solar panels the wrong way can void warranties and can be extremely dangerous. Hiring a professional is highly recommended. Whether you hire a professional or do it yourself, there are 5 things you should consider when cleaning solar panels.

1. Harsh chemicals should never be used as it can damage solar panels. Chemicals that are too harsh and will remove the anti-reflective coating on your panels. This coating increases the capture of light and helps the solar panels achieve at its peak performance.

2. Deionized and/or RO filtered water is key to cleaning. Using normal hose water will leave calcium and other mineral deposits that are contained in hard water, will be left on the glass. For example, if you spray your car’s windshield with a hose and let it dry, it will be filled with hard water spots and will be harder to see through. Filtered water should be used to ensure you get the most amount of sun to the panels.

3. Using the right equipment is key. Brushes that are too abrasive will damage panels. Most professionals will use a specially designed, non-abrasive brush on a long carbon fiber pole to avert from stepping on panels. It is not recommended to use aluminum poles or any other metal that is highly conductive when working near electricity.

4. Never pressure wash! It is never recommended to use high pressure on solar panels. High pressure can damage the panels’ reflective coating and even break the glass. Also, if the pressure washer is not using filtered water, hard water spots will remain on the panels.

5. Inspect your system. Many times, hidden fire hazards are created by leaves and animal nesting. Other common occurrences are malfunctioning or broken equipment. Most solar panel cleaning companies will offer an inspection of the solar system. Many homeowners lack the knowledge and specialized equipment to inspect the system themselves.

For a free estimate or have any questions, contact Solar Panel Cleaning Hawaii at 808-454-7565 or visit us at

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