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Never had your solar panels cleaned? Dirt, dust, salt water residue, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants are affecting how much electricity your solar panels are currently producing by preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, losses range up to 30%. A simple, inexpensive solar cleaning will drastically decrease your loss.

Having your solar panels cleaned is easier than you think. Call us today at (808) 673-6382 to get your free estimate, or click 'Learn More' below to find out why having your solar panels cleaning Hawaii is a good idea.

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Electricity bill increasing 

Have you noticed your electricity bill creeping up? Did your bill start at $14 a month and now it's back up to over $30? you could be using more electricity, but it could also be due to dirty or damaged solar panels. 

Panel discoloration

If you are lucky and can see your panels from the ground and notice some discoloration, then you might want to get your panels cleaned. Dirt, salt, bird droppings, mildew and road grime could be on the panels and be blocking the sun’s rays from reaching the system.

Location Location Location

Location is a big factor in getting your solar panels cleaned. Places that get sun later in the day, get rain more often will grow mildew. Panels that are close to the highway will build up road grime on the panels. 

Angle of the panel

Panels on a flat roof just collect water which causes mildew to grow a lot quicker and collect dirt or pollutants in the air, which blocks the sun from getting to your system and producing what it should.

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