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Dirty solar panels can reduce the efficiency of your system by up to 30%.


Never had your solar panels cleaned? Dirt, dust, salt water residue, bird droppings, and other environmental pollutants are affecting how much electricity your solar panels are currently producing by preventing sunlight from reaching the solar cells.

According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, losses range up to 30%. A simple, inexpensive solar cleaning will drastically decrease your loss. 



Getting your solar panels cleaned is easier than you think. Call us today at (808) 454-7565 to get your free estimate, or click 'Learn More' below to find out why getting your solar panels cleaned is a good idea.



When looking for a solar panel cleaning company, there are likely a few things that are important to you. Finding a solar cleaning company you can rely on is vital to maximizing the use of your solar panels. At Clean Solar Panels Hawaii, this is the commitment we make to you.


Hawaii leads the nation in roof top solar per capita. Especially on the island of Oahu. When you were sold your solar system it’s unlikely you were told there is maintenance involved, as this is not a good selling point. But here you are 1 year later and your system is only producing at 75% of what it should be.


Ultra Pure Water does not contain any chemicals and will not damage your solar panels. Water is unstable in its pure form and carries pent up cleaning energy to solubilize soils and other contaminants.  It’s also just as effective as using a cleaning agent while costing less. By using Ultra Pure water you’re extending the life of the solar panel.

Why not use detergents?

Certain chemical products may be to aggressive to the panel materials, reducing  your panels output. Chemical products may leach into soil or end up in storm drains that empty into our oceans and streams. Using certain chemicals may violate local enviormental regulations.

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